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                                                     Our Mission
At Thanksgiver, our mission is to nourish, empower, and sustain our community. We are committed to bridging the gaps in our diverse society by providing essential food assistance, fostering language services for those in need, and promoting environmental sustainability through composting solutions. Our holistic approach seeks to not only alleviate hunger but also empower individuals and families with the tools they need to thrive. Together, we cultivate a compassionate and resilient community, one plate, one conversation, and one compost pile at a time.

2020: A global pandemic and floods of refugees from war zones created an immense demand for food aid in SWITZERLAND.

Driven by a STRONG desire to give back TO THE community and planet, Laura STARTED A food bank called Thanksgiver Schweiz. 


2021: We operationalised the concept and  Reduced the hunger gap by providing access to food to Over 300 people and families in Basel every single week.


2022: we opened a 2nd food bank expanding reach to

Muttenz Käppeli serving over 600 people and families.


2023: we scaled to 4 food banks covering Zwingen and Muttenz Dorf to over 900 people and families. We also opened up 2 language schools to empower those in need.



Looking ahead, we will take on additional projects to Turn excess food into nutritious soil and help the environment by reducing the volume of food waste sent to landfill.

Reduce thE hunger gap, fight Food waste.

What we do

Thanksgiver Schweiz
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