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ThanksGiver goes Caliente!

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

On the 8th and 9th of July, ThanksGiver was given a spot as part of many vendors participating at Caliente! Zurich. Caliente! is the biggest Latin Music Festival in Europe. It took place on two weekends (1-2 July & 8-9 July) in the Arsenal area. The district was transformed into a spirited "barrio" where visitors felt as if they were in the Caribbean or South America. It showcased foods and items from Latin America, Caribbean and Mediterranean and were specially entertained by the wonderful music from these regions. Caliente! generously gave a table to ThanksGiver for Laura Rosso, the founder and CEO, to sell merchandise and raise money for the foundation. Even at a short notice and with the help of supporters, she was able to coordinate and pull off a successful event. Thanks to Ms. Jessy Summa for her generous offer to include ThanksGiver in such an amazing event. We hope to be part of it again!

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