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What we do

2020: A global pandemic and floods of refugees from war zones: The demand for food aid in SWITZERLAND is immense. Driven by a STRONG desire to give back TO THE community and planet, laura STaRTED A food bank called Thanksgiver Schweiz.


Today, THANKSGIVER PROVIDES FOOD TO 700 PEOPLE IN NEED EVERY SINGLE WEEK AT ONE OF OUR TWO FOOD BANKS. The food, collected At various supermarket CHAINS by schweizer tafel, would otherwise have gone to waste. Doing so, Thanksgiver saves 40 TONS of food on weekly basis.


Reduce thE hunger gap, fight Food waste.

Meet The Team

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Nini Villaneuva

Senior Advisor


Laura Rosso

Founder & CEO

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Sarah Fontana

Nutritionist & Food Waste Expert

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Lisa Brunet

Business Development & PR Director

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Want to join?

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We are a family of 5 (3 children). As a mother, I worry that my children never go to bed hungry. Me and my husband never want to make a decision on who gets food from the kids today. Since we go to ThanksGiver on Thursday, we have more food at home and we are enormously grateful.

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