We have a shop!

In our goal to raise money and keep feeding the local community we are excited to announce we have opened an online shop, with all proceeds going straight to Thanksgiver.

We did a lot of research and came up with many MANY ideas on the best product to offer, and decided on something unique and fun, but also practical; colourful, inside-out umbrellas.

Double Layered - two layers keep these umbrellas 'windproof'. Wind vents on the interior layer allow wind gusts to flow through without the risk of turning your umbrella inside out.

Reversible design - reverse folding design keeps the rain on the inside of the umbrella when closed. Hang it up on your coat hooks without worrying that your coats will get wet!

'Hands-free' handle - The special C-shaped handle loops onto your wrist, giving you access to both of your hands. No more fumbling around with your bag or cellphone single-handed.

Colourful designs - a wide range of designs to choose from and, best of all, the design is on the inside, so YOU can enjoy the colour on those rainy, grey days.

We only have a limited number in stock, so be sure to grab one whilst you can. Head over to to get yours today!

This is only the beginning and we hope to introduce more items in the future so, to stay updated, please subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to hear of our exciting plans!

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